The Fox And The Duck

I was packing up after work today, when I heard an almighty racket from out on the meadow.  I grabbed my camera and ran round the house to see what on earth was going on. I couldn't see anything untoward at first, but then I caught a glimpse of burnt orange amongst the meadow-grass; a … Continue reading The Fox And The Duck

The Priory Beast

During the spring and summer of 2009, I was kept company at the Priory by a family of mallard ducks.  I work alone (had I mentioned that?) so any company is very welcome.  Whilst the drake quickly disappeared, the duck would lead her brood of 14 (!) ducklings across the lawns, from one pond to … Continue reading The Priory Beast

New Residents at the Priory

You may remember that I built a nest box for a tawny owl.  And you may remember that last year rather than a tawny owl, a pair of wood pigeon nested in it.  Grrrr. This year, each time I walk past the 'box, I throw it a little sidelong glance to see whether there is … Continue reading New Residents at the Priory