Transplanting Oak Trees: An Update

The Priory oaks are impressive.  Huge, ancient, gnarled, neck-craning impressive.  They were the first thing I noticed and the last I shall say good-bye to. We have about twenty mature oaks; most hale, a few less so.  With an eye on the latter, and because the Priory should never be oak-less, I planted some replacements. … Continue reading Transplanting Oak Trees: An Update

Oak Killer

Despite banging on about how much I love oaks, I plan to kill one. The Priory oaks add real structure, permanence and sheer weight to the beauty of the estate.  (Rather like shrubs can do in an herbaceous border,  I suppose). As well as oaks, we have other big trees here: enormous ash trees (including … Continue reading Oak Killer

Planting For The Future

I am aware that at least two of the very big oak trees in the garden are dying.  They'll probably survive for decades yet but nevertheless they are on the way out.  And two days ago, I was told by a tree surgeon that another oak's demise is imminent.  (I say imminent but I read … Continue reading Planting For The Future