Reblogging: Lambing

Here's the second of an occasional reblogging series from my seven-year catalogue of posts. oooOOOooo It's not as if I need an excuse to go up to Margaret's farm for a natter and a cup of tea.  She's my friend.  But in spring, my visits might be a little more regular than usual and last … Continue reading Reblogging: Lambing

Margaret’s Farm …

... sits on the skyline above the Priory.  I visit once a week to stock up on eggs, catch up with local gossip, spread local gossip, help out if needed and wander round the farmyard. After several months, her cows are still over-wintering in the sheds. They'll be turned out in a few weeks when … Continue reading Margaret’s Farm …


I know that I've posted a lot of lamb photos over the years and quite recently too (see A Happy Ending), b .. b .. but I had never witnessed the birth of a lamb.  I've seen dozens of newborn lambs (thanks to having a farming friend), but I hadn't seen the actual flop-out moment.  … Continue reading Lambing

A Happy Ending

The day after my adventure with Cyril and The Cast Sheep, I walked up to the farm to see the new arrival.  Margaret was delighted (and relieved) that the unfortunate ewe had not only made a full recovery but delivered a strapping, healthy girl-lamb too.  She was less delighted to be woken at 1am by … Continue reading A Happy Ending

Cyril And The Cast Sheep

(Apologies for the poor quality of these photos.  Under the circumstances, you'll understand why I used my smart phone rather than my 'proper' camera). It was only when I befriended a farmer, that I learnt how a ewe might lie down, inadvertently roll on to her back and, tortoise-like, be unable to right herself.  This is … Continue reading Cyril And The Cast Sheep

Lambs And Calves. Again.

I was going to be so strong.  Honest, I was.  I was going to resist, you see.  Resist posting yet more photos of cutesy calves and lovely lambs.  After all I've posted lots of photos of both before.  But when Margaret (the neighbouring farmer) told me that she was expecting (so to speak), it gnawed … Continue reading Lambs And Calves. Again.

Spring Lambs

I went up to see Margaret the other day.  (In case you don't know, Margaret farms the land on three sides of the Priory estate).  I hadn't seen her for a while and, as well as having a natter and cadging a cup of tea, I had some bulbs to collect.  We  do joint orders … Continue reading Spring Lambs