Lambs And Calves. Again.

I was going to be so strong.  Honest, I was.  I was going to resist, you see.  Resist posting yet more photos of cutesy calves and lovely lambs.  After all I've posted lots of photos of both before.  But when Margaret (the neighbouring farmer) told me that she was expecting (so to speak), it gnawed … Continue reading Lambs And Calves. Again.

Spring Lambs

I went up to see Margaret the other day.  (In case you don't know, Margaret farms the land on three sides of the Priory estate).  I hadn't seen her for a while and, as well as having a natter and cadging a cup of tea, I had some bulbs to collect.  We  do joint orders … Continue reading Spring Lambs

Gratuitous Lamb Photos

Went to visit Margaret the Farmer today.  She was very tired having spent the past week lambing and she still has another week or so to go.  Her cows have also been calving so the farm is brimming with new life. A few days old Making out that they're cute Born yesterday