Gratuitous Lamb Photos

Went to visit Margaret the Farmer today.  She was very tired having spent the past week lambing and she still has another week or so to go.  Her cows have also been calving so the farm is brimming with new life.

A few days old
Making out that they’re cute
Born yesterday


4 thoughts on “Gratuitous Lamb Photos

  1. Hi Tracy (I was thinking, who's AG? Poor lass is confused, they're not my initials. Duh). Mortified that Jim sent out that email. We had words! Made another 4 nest boxes yesterday, that's 11 in total so they better had start nesting soon.

    Big Night Out soon – have you been learning lyrics?

    As for holding my head. That isn't my hand!! Seriously. Who's it is and where it came from? Who knows. Worrying and a little scary.

    Jason – the lambs are normally born in March but the randy ram got in with two ewes a month early, so the farmer thought she may as well let him have full and unfettered access to the whole harem. (Thanks for the Blotanical tip – signed up)

    Katherine, hi. Which one would you like? I'll wrap it up in brown paper and pop it in the post. No charge.


  2. That's a proper spring sight, won't be long and they'll be plenty more along. I have to disappoint you on the TV suggestion. I think that many of the people are coming through Blotanical, a directory of gardening websites that I registered with a couple of days ago. It's really interesting and worth taking a look at.


  3. Dear AG, your lamb photos have cheered me up no end after a cheerless day at work and with a 7.30am train to London looming..

    Spring is coming! Our Robins are definitely nesting in our side wall. I'm a bit worried as it is quite early but the RSPB site has lots of reports of nesting birds I guess due to the mild weather. Off to buy mealworms on Thursday for them.

    You have left out of your profile what a competent gardener you are and that you don't spend all day holding your head…



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