Wildflowers On The South Downs

I'm not terribly fond of petrol mowers at the best of times but when they break-down repeatedly, I think them insufferable.   If only they would listen to reason and I could patiently explain how simple their duties really are. At least a faulty mower induced forced-stop to mowing at The Old Forge gave me a … Continue reading Wildflowers On The South Downs

The South Downs Way: Winchester to Eastbourne

Of all England's long-distance footpaths, I know the South Downs Way best.  For twenty years I've lived almost within sight of it; walked many stretches countless times and all of it at least twice.  But I had never completed the entire 100 mile trek from Winchester to Eastbourne in one continuous, sweaty effort.  Until now. On … Continue reading The South Downs Way: Winchester to Eastbourne

A Walk From Seaford To Berwick Station

With my gardening enthusiasm washed away by heavy rain, here's a post about something else. On a sunny Saturday in September, I walked into Seaford to meet my friend Tracy for a day's walk.   Whereas I prefer walking alone, Tracy is sociable.  Not only has she recently joined The Ramblers but she now leads their … Continue reading A Walk From Seaford To Berwick Station

A White Blossom Pause

In April, the Priory blackthorn is a joy. It lights up a corner of the meadow, and whilst I might curse Prunus spinosa for most of the year, I certainly don't in spring. Why do I curse it?  Because it stabs me, that's why.  The thorns scratch my arms, stab my fingers and if tiny, difficult-to-get-out … Continue reading A White Blossom Pause

Poppies On The Downs

A smudge of red has been visible from The Old Forge for over a week. As I worked in the garden, it drew my eye.  The following morning, I decided to go for a closer look. I associate field or common poppies (Papaver rhoeas - should you care), with field margins but this huge expanse … Continue reading Poppies On The Downs

My Post

Stacy, over at Microcosm, recently wrote about breaking free from the confines of the garden and enjoying some Big Views and Big Sky, "Skies that soar without hindrance and landscapes that stretch to the ends of the compass rose". Well if it is good enough for Stacy ... On a gloriously sunny if cold Saturday … Continue reading My Post