Rain Stops Play

The tulips started off valiantly enough; poor, naive, unsuspecting innocents.  They couldn't have imagined their cruel, bitter fate.  (How could they?  They're tulips). In a rare sunny moment, I took a photo or two but not many; after all there were bound to be more ... ... balmy, sunny days on which to capture them … Continue reading Rain Stops Play

It Blooms and It Blooms

Years ago, my partner Jim (his real name) and I went to Northumberland and stayed in a very, very remote cottage for a week.  We took with us our young weimaraner, Hobbes.  She was in doggy heaven; tremendously long walks over the hills,  snoozes by the aga and  haring around the large garden flushing out … Continue reading It Blooms and It Blooms

Blooming Priory

I'm trying to catch up after all my time off.  Serves me right, of course, for going away at such a busy time of year.  The grass is growing like billyo and needs weekly cutting now.   In the greenhouse, seeds are germinating within a couple of days of being sown and  much is ready for … Continue reading Blooming Priory