The Tropical Border – 4th Year

When I started the tropical border in 2012, it was hardly deserving of the name but a year later it looked more the part. And by 2014 many of the plants were enormous and the bed did have a whiff of tropicality about it. This year it has continued to mature and, on the whole, … Continue reading The Tropical Border – 4th Year

Bear With Me

I haven't posted for a while.I've been busy with some non-blogging stuff ... and intently studying a wasp nest on the east lawn.Excavation continues and it's getting bigger.  And bigger.  As you might suppose, mowing operations have been diverted.I've been distracted too by the sheer number of butterflies on the new verbena beds.There is a … Continue reading Bear With Me

Verbena Bonariensis Beds

In April 2012, I added two new beds at The Priory. I cut the turf from either side of the path-to-nowhere and planted a mix of Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' and Verbena bonariensis. And it was OK but not a resounding success. Nonetheless, I stuck with it for another year hoping for a big 'wow' … Continue reading Verbena Bonariensis Beds