Fritillaria Meleagris – The Snake’s Head Fritillary

A couple of weeks ago, after months of squelch, The Priory meadow was dry enough to support the weight of the Etesia ride-on mower ... as well as my added bulk sitting on top.  Had I tried to use it before the ground was firm, the Etesia would have carved up the grass like a … Continue reading Fritillaria Meleagris – The Snake’s Head Fritillary

Grass Cutting – Again

(I've written about cutting the two meadows before but as it is such a big part of my working life at this time of year you might forgive me for revisiting the subject). Cutting the Priory meadow is a job that looms large from late-summer onwards.  Cut it too soon and I lose late flowers … Continue reading Grass Cutting – Again

Win A Copy Of ‘Making A Wildflower Meadow’

I try to keep only a sensible number of gardening books - really I do.  I've even given some away to charity ... once or twice.  But occasionally I'm offered a book to review and my resolve shrivels. 'Making a Wildflower Meadow: The Definitive Guide To Grassland Gardening' by Pam Lewis was one of those … Continue reading Win A Copy Of ‘Making A Wildflower Meadow’

An End To May

As I walk about the Priory gardens, I am watched. When deep in thought (it happens), I might suddenly look up and be quite startled.  These four made me jump - but then it doesn't take much. Margaret's cattle are part of the summer scene at the Priory; mooing loudly (and often very unnecessarily), drifting … Continue reading An End To May

Gravetye Manor

When I planted a Clematis 'Gravetye Beauty' at The Priory, I had no idea what or who it was named after.  And then in August a blogging friend, Sara, wrote about a visit to Gravetye Manor and the penny dropped (you can read her post - here).  Sara's description and photos were captivating and I wished … Continue reading Gravetye Manor

Cutting Back

Though it doesn't officially start until tomorrow, autumn has crept up on me these past couple of weeks. Low sun and pale mist greet me when I arrive - soon the mist down here in the valley will be heavier: cold, dense and wet. Dock seed-heads (of which there are far too many) sparkle with … Continue reading Cutting Back

The Gardens In July

We cut the beech hedging last Monday - the hottest day in the UK for seven years. I normally cut it in early August but by then there will be a houseful of guests so I thought I'd get the job done now.  Wielding heavy petrol cutters and long-reach trimmers was slow, exhausting work in … Continue reading The Gardens In July