Desuckering Alders and Pollarding Willows

At this time of year, I have to remove all the suckering growth from the alders and the willows that ring the ponds and line the ditches.  The suckers grow from the base of each of the alders ... ... in the Priory gardens but they also grow from the stumps of felled trees.  These … Continue reading Desuckering Alders and Pollarding Willows


Suckerin’ Succotash

I spent yesterday taking the suckers off of alders and willow.  It's a job that takes up a great deal of time, but I finally tackled the last of this sucker-fest over in the north-east corner of the garden. It's an  area of the grounds  that is relatively untouched.  The flower meadow ends here where … Continue reading Suckerin’ Succotash