Some Winter Colour (But Frankly Not Much)

I know that things are a little bleak for us global northerners at the moment. But, on the positive, here in jolly Sussex, each day is a little longer than the one before and step by tiny incremental step, signs of life are shyly, (oh, so shyly), showing themselves. And a  little winter sunshine can … Continue reading Some Winter Colour (But Frankly Not Much)


Are you feeling a little glum?  Depressed at the thought of weeks and weeks of grey drizzle and overcast sky?  (If you're in the Northern hemisphere that is).  Do Christmas songs on perpetual loop drive you to random acts of meanness toward strangers?  Well ,what you need is a great, big slap of red.  Technicolour … Continue reading Red

Priory Picture Post # 18

Life can seem a little too drab, a little too grey in December. So a plant (even in the greenhouse) that explodes into outrageous colour (and then hangs around for several days) is only too welcome.  Thanks Pleiospilus nelii.  You're a little star.

Frost, Sunshine And Blood

Yesterday morning, I considered myself a lucky man.  The Priory garden looked perfect;  touched with a fine frost, under blue skies and a warming sun. Well no; it didn't actually.  It never looks perfect.  Not to my eye anyway.  There are always leaves that need raking up, a clutch of weeds slyly emerging in a … Continue reading Frost, Sunshine And Blood