Priory Picture Post # 18

Life can seem a little too drab, a little too grey in December.

So a plant (even in the greenhouse) that explodes

into outrageous colour

(and then hangs around for several days)

is only too welcome.  Thanks Pleiospilus nelii.  You’re a little star.

11 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 18

  1. You're talking about the plant, Elaine, I take it?

    Yes Boys. The flower does come from a rather unprepossessing blob, doesn't it?

    Hi WW and Kris – indeed!

    Hey Stacy (I can be so very American). The shimmering orange is a little unreal isn't it especially without a blazing August sun to ignite it. And yep, that's the new lens. You're so preceptive!

    Janet, you've now got me wondering whether I could create something out of plastic, give it a made up name and present it on here. Wonder whether anyone would twig? Might try.



  2. What a wonderful, sunny color–the shimmer on the petals is just gorgeous. It's kind of hard to believe in, though, in the way that flamingos are hard to believe in–too many laws of nature being broken there.

    Did you take the photos with your new lens?


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