Perks Must Be About It.

Blimey.  A spot of sunshine, a few crocuses showing off (like this one)


and suddenly it feels like the race is on and I’m still behind the bike shed having a smoke.   Must get on.  Or as Bernard Cribbens in ‘The Railway Children’ would have it, “Perks must be about it.”  Seeds to sow, young oak trees still to transplant and a couple of trees to fell, a little more pruning to complete, a bit of herbaceous digging up and re-siting, an ancient dogwood to tame and loads more scratching my chin whilst doing hard thinking.  The latter is especially difficult.  Not panicking though.  “Eeek!”  Well, a little bit.
I generally don’t do hard thinking.  Gives me nosebleeds.

My latest seed order has arrived, so what with that and that which lies within my special magical boxes, I possess mysteries and treasures of which you can but dream.

An innocuous looking black box (excellent book by the way)
But open it and ooooh,  ahhhhh such potential prettiness
I’ve already sown some seeds.  Four plug trays of a wildflower mix.  I won’t bother potting these on; just plant straight out into in the meadow when they’re big enough.
I’ve also sown white foxgloves into a seed tray.  These will be pricked out and potted on in time.  Tomatoes and aubergines are done and in the next few days, I will sow chilli and sweet peppers too.  The latter, which I’d never grown before, were a great success last year as were the aubergines, again a first for me.  The chilli’s however were a great disappointment.  They were a variety called Hot Portugal but weren’t.  No heat at all.  (Though they possibly did come from Portugal).  Rubbish.  So I shall try another variety this year called Fiesta.  (Needless to say that the greenhouse is heated).
I’ve also sown all the remaining seeds I had of Echinacea paradoxa.  I grew perhaps a dozen of these last year having been smitten by the photo in the seed catalogue.  They didn’t flower but (after a stern talking to), I’m sure they’re going to put on a good show this year.
The Priory is going a little tropical this year (hoorah), hence the cannas and ginger lily in the photo.  I shall use my own (personal) collection of dahlias and bananas too.  The only problem is I haven’t yet decided where this pocket of lush, Amazonia is going to be ……. Exciting though, huh?

I liked that trick with the opening of the seed box so ……

Bit of a hint with this box
These are my veg seeds.  OK,  OK – enough with the seed boxes now.

Any thoughts?

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