Super Evolving Foxgloves

So.  Having burnt my foxgloves (moderate oven, 72 hours), I re-sowed some fresh seed into the same half tray, watered, popped it in a plastic bag and placed on the floor under the bench (away from the heater).  And when I looked yesterday there were three young foxgloves still alive!   How did that happen?  Aren’t plants amazing?  Struggling to live.  And why did these three survive and the other 20 or 30 not?
I suppose it’s survival of the fittest, strongest, hardiest.  Maybe I’ve just bred a super drought resistant Sahara conquering foxglove.
Yesterday was so beautiful.  The soft, hazy sunlight was the go ahead I’d been waiting for to start mowing.  The ground was just about firm and dry enough.  I cut the east and north lawns and it was satisfying to have a stripey lawn again.  All is right with the world.  Or at least in this Sussex backwater.
I also mowed paths through the meadow. This was in order to steer unknowing feet away from the daffs I planted last autumn.  The first of these should flower in a day or so.
And not terribly interesting (No, it isn’t – Ed) but just to give some idea of the amount of clippings produced from a fairly light mowing of just these two lawns and the paths:

2 thoughts on “Super Evolving Foxgloves

  1. No, felling the tree wasn't bad, Jason-Willow-Murderer. (Just joshing).

    The foxglove episode was pretty bizarre and frankly I don't understand!

    Coming to you soon. A most interesting, informative (and yet challenging) post about mowing at the Priory.



  2. Looks like you have a lot of lawn to keep on top of there Dave! I assume you're not doing this with an old push along hand mower?!?! The willow in the top pic looks lovely. We used to have one (which looked incredible) but it was felled in the autmn to make way for a new garage (is that bad????).

    Good news on the foxgloves. It is pretty amazing what a plant can stand and yet still survive. I think if I was burnt to a crisp for a 72hr period then survival would be unlikely.



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