Priory Picture Post # 2

Striking little fella isn’t he:

Blue Damselfly


5 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 2

  1. Hi Janet, there must have been well over a dozen of these damselflys on various plants in one of the borders. I found if I got in close they'd fly off. But another one would come along shortly!

    And OK, OK – you're right about the camera/mower ….


  2. Greta photograph David, I never seem to be in the right place for long enough to get a picture of these little beauties, though their mating habits always make me laugh. I refuse to believe that your love your mower more than your camera…


  3. Hi Brandi, thanks. My camera is a Nikon D60 with the standard 18 – 55 mm lens. In addition I recently bought a 55 – 200 mm lens.

    I love my camera. Almost as much as my lawn mower.

    Hi Stacy, well I wonder whether it breaks up the body shape in the same way that a zebra's stripes does. But you'd think all of that would be negated by the iridescence of that blue. Though it is a small insect (about an inch long) you don't half notice them.



  4. You have to wonder what evolutionary niche can only be filled by blue and black stripes in those particular places–well, maybe for a couple of seconds, right before going back to oohing and aahing. Gorgeous shot!


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