Priory Picture Post # 14

Tired, bedraggled, wet and past it’s prime.

But hey – that’s enough about me.  Here’s Gaura lindheimeri.

7 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 14

  1. Hi Janet, I've made so many notes to self since I started this blogging lark, my head is spinning with it all.

    Stacy, swearing? You? I find that hard to believe – did I miss something or have I forgotten something also? Probably the latter. Ghostly fireflies sound marvelous. You are so kind to be inclusive on the wet, bedraggled and past our prime front!

    You're right Janet – they do. I grow them up through supports at the Priory which helps.


  2. Huh–I could have sworn I'd commented on this. That's what I get for swearing, apparently. What I thought I'd said is that this is one of my favorite “wind” plants. I have some growing next to the patio, and at dusk in a breeze the blossoms look like little ghostly fireflies dancing around. I don't find them easy to photograph, though–nicely done. Would that we could all look so good wet, bedraggled, and past our primes. (We're talking about the gaura, of course.)


  3. They are real beauties, Jane and flower for ages. At the Old Forge a huge Cretan pot has been planted up with a pink gaura only and looks incredible.

    Hi GS, I love them too. I planted three last year and they've now formed one big mass. Smashing.



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