The Watcher

Yesterday, I was working in the greenhouse and gradually became aware that I was being watched.



I glanced out of the windows to see whether any of Margaret’s sheep or cows were out there doing that chewy, starey thing.


But no.  No visiting workmen either; eyeballing me through the door, noses pressed up against the glass.  Doesn’t half make me jump that.


And then I saw her.  A pretty Sussex spider, crouched and camouflaged on a plant from the other side of the world –  Opuntia or, as I now call it,  Stacy’s weed.



She didn’t seem to mind the spines.



She was just so intent on watching me.

11 thoughts on “The Watcher

  1. Truth be told, Helen, I had just speared myself on the prickly pear, and was removing countless prickles from my hand and glaring at it when I saw the spider. So not that observant, really.

    Hmm, Stacy's Sneezeweed does work though doesn't it? Works very well indeed. Poetic. (And I should think I would miss with the high five too. We'd both end up in a heap on the floor. Perhaps just a nice handshake)?



  2. No, no, Dave, I'm quite happy with the Opuntia. (Calling it Opuntia feels like calling dandelions Taraxacums.) It it were sneezeweed, now, I might feel a little differently. Have a blast with your new macro lens! (I'd offer a high-five in its honor, but I usually miss, especially electronically.)


  3. Sorry WW, I love spiders so I hadn't thought about those who don't like them. Reading 'Charlotte's Web' at a very young age, I guess.

    You're very welcome Stacy, though now I feel bad that I didn't name something with pretty flowers and a lovely scent after you.

    Hi Ronnie, pretty much. I certainly have it with me every day at the Priory. I recently bought a macro lens with which I took the above shots. Needed to use a tripod as the light was low.



  4. You're so sweet, Dave–no one's ever named a weed after me before. The camouflage is astonishingly perfect. Your spider couldn't possibly look more at home, like she was destined somehow to hang out on a prickly pear. Staring at people.


  5. This post should have come with a health warning for arachnaphobes. Fortunately I'm not as bad as I used to be and I can actually look at a spider and be in the same room as one. I can even put a glass over small ones and remove them. I wouldn't say they are my favourite creatures though. Why do delivery people do that? My postman is always knocking on the window and making me jump. I think he finds it funny.


  6. Blimey, Faisal. You know I work alone. Do you really want to frighten me? Blimey.

    Hi Michael, more anxious after Faisal's comment.

    Simple Janet. Girl spiders are pretty, male ones handsome.



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