Priory Picture Post # 16

Still got plenty of …

… to collect.  So have to spend a lot of time over at the …

… trying to make more space.  But whenever I do a local busy body …

… turns up. Uninvited.

Getting in the way, making a nuisance of himself.

Turning the compost had exposed a wriggly mass of …

… and so you-know-who was straight in there …

… helping himself.  Without so much …

as a by my leave.  The cheek of it.

20 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 16

  1. Hi Mr K, umm you have been very patient indeed. Very patient. Umm, but I did do a post about leaf mould. 'Making Leaf Mould' was posted on 9/11 – I hope it suffices?

    I fear you'll be kicking your heels all winter waiting for any wisdom from me. I'm hoping for a big box of it from Father C.



  2. Dave, I have been very patient. But all this wildlife is getting in the way of your How-to-make-leafmould post, which I am STILL awaiting. I have tons of leaves, but they are all lying desolate while I await your wisdom….


  3. Oh, I don't know Janet. The range of creatures, plants and 'things' that I talk to is broad. That's working alone for you!



  4. Hi Luton Boys, they can be tamed apparently; so as to eat mealworms from your fingers. Not that I've ever achieved that. But one day, maybe.

    Yay! I did a photologue (without realising). Yay!


  5. Robins are so cute, if only they are tame enough I would like to give them a teeny tiny, gentle cuddle (or a stroke on the head at least) 😛

    I like the way a robin hovers around whenever we do things in the garden, especially digging the borders and tidying up leaves, anticipating that worm you'll manage to unearth 🙂 Great photologue!


  6. Hi Sara, of course you meant the robin. Who else?!?

    Thanks Janet. He simply loved the camera and kept on giving me more, more, more. A real pro.

    Hi Jason, good to hear from you. Been meaning to email you and catch up – will try and do so over the weekend. Glad you like the bins but keep yer mitts off my compost!! The robin provides good company – you know how lonely I get.

    Glad you like it, Stacy. Keeping our New Mexican (?) readership happy is a number one priority here at Anxiousgardener Enterprises.

    Hehe. Elaine, I'm so pleased I'm not the only one. Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver? Happens to me all the time. What was your name again? And what was mine?



  7. Love the last picture – looks like he's saying
    'You lookin' at me' like whats-his-name in that film. Sorry senior moment can't remember the actors name.


  8. He has the look of someone who's signed the mortgage papers and is prepared to take ownership. What a bright eye he has–great photos, Dave. And what a fun post!


  9. Thanks Alison. There is a robin who kept me company during wood chopping duties all last winter. Made me laugh out loud and was always an excuse for a breather.

    Oh, now I feel bad Helen that I haven't named him. I shall think on it – he'll be around for a while. You seem to be talking a little sheepish by the way!

    You are, Faisal. Without a doubt.

    Hi Karen, that is so funny. Radio 4? I think so.

    Thanks Shawn, humph. Flippin' uninvited locals. Makes me ANGRY! But thanks anyway for the compliment.

    Thank you Ginny!

    Indeed, GS. What nerve!



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