A Walk Up The Priory Drive

Fancy a summer’s walk?  No?  Oh well, suit yourself.  Yes?  Good for you.  Here’s a series of photos I took last August, on a rare sunny morning.  Starting at the car park entrance, I took a shot every ten paces as I walked up to the iron gate at the top of the drive.  Beyond the gate is the real world; best avoided.  Rather than post almost 30 snaps, I’ve made them into a minute long film.  I’ve also added a soundtrack of birdsong* which, though recorded in June, is pretty close to what I heard on that day.  (Listen out for the cuckoo).

Shall we set off?  You can take my hand if you like; it’s not so very grubby.

Not terribly interesting I’m afraid but it gives you an idea of how long the drive is.  And how much work there is outside the gardens: cutting the hedging, ensuring trees and overhead branches are safe, pruning apple trees and shrubs, strimming and mowing verges and a further three ‘lawns.’   My job isn’t just wandering about wearing a wide-brimmed, straw sunhat and pink gloves, humming Vivaldi and deadheading roses, you know.  (Though much of it is).

Erm, you can let go off my hand now.

* With thanks to Freesound

30 thoughts on “A Walk Up The Priory Drive

  1. I guess this is the real proof of all that work trimming the hedges, they are endless! Lovely place to hang on, ehm work in. As for the straw hat… Well I hope you also wear a silk scarf around your head, the Geena Davis way, to go with those pink gloves, you know…


  2. Like the new look. My first thought, like Helen’s, was “what a lot of hedge and verge to cut”. Don’t envy you that at all. Second thought was how magical that tunnel of trees is. Please can you give us more of a tour around the Priory? Assuming you are not too busy with the pink gloves and Vivaldi…


    • Hi Janet, generally pretty busy with Vivaldi and my pink (more cerise to be honest) gloves but I’ll see what I can do. That tunnel is magical isn’t it? A small area of Margaret’s wood was cleared a couple of years ago and it has allowed the sunshine to really stream in. Dave


  3. No wonder you occasionally dream of help — that is a lot of (absolutely beautiful) landscape to tend. If you took a photo of my garden every ten steps, you would not get a minute-long movie out of it. And the birds would sound more cynical and urban somehow.
    For what it’s worth, I like the new look!


  4. A wonderful walk, sunshine, blue skies and bird song. Particularly nostalgic as it has just started snowing here! Thank you for all your uplifting (and humorous) blogs


    • Hi Alison, I’d actually welcome some snow down here. ‘They’ forecast some for this weekend but it just rained and rained. Again. Still, never mind – soon be Christmas. Dave


  5. Help – my comment didn’t appear. Try again. What a lovely way to go to work – the image of you in a straw hat and pink gloves will stay with me forever.


    • Hi Elaine – your comment did appear after all. I used to live forty yards or so from the top gate and my commute to work was the walk down the drive. I rather miss it as I now have a 30 min drive and coming down those 300 yards or so in a car isn’t the same. D


  6. That is a very long driveway and so much hedge. It reminded me of the description of the driveway to Madelay in Rebecca where they go through darkness, albeit caused by rhodies, before emerging by the house.


  7. Beautiful fresh green leaves with amazing bird song, so different from now. Its quite a few years since we heard a cuckoo in our part of Devon, but where was the rain, you had sunshine!!


    • Yesterday was lovely here, Amelia. Blue skies, bright sunshine and robins singing. Today though it is back to the grim reality of dark cloud and rain. The ground having dried out a bit will now be sodden again. Good grief. Dave


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