Wordless Wednesday … With Some Words


Aconitum napellus has bloomed in the nick of time: the first Priory frost can only be a few days away.


I’m flying off to Spain for a few days paddling, frolicking and general misbehaviour.  But before I go, I’ll just mention that the Royal Horticultural Society is holding a new blogging competition.  Four judges have selected ten finalists from 320 entries but the overall winner will be chosen by public vote.  You can see the finalists and vote for your favourite entry HERE.


(I wouldn’t mind at all if you chose to vote for my entry, Poppies on the Downs‘).  Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 20th October.  Good luck to all the entrants.

(I’ve received some queries regarding the voting system on the RHS site and a couple of messages from readers who haven’t been able to vote.  If you have any problems, you can bypass the vote buttons altogether and simply email blogscompetition@rhs.org.uk with the title of your nomination in the subject line).

18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday … With Some Words

    • Thanks very much Celia. You must be physic. I did indeed open a bottle of Rioja immediately on getting home – the only bottle I bought home from Spain. Perhaps I shall see you at Chelsea? D


  1. Pretty aconitum; I love the dark ones. Have a great break, and hope you come home to some exciting news 😉 I do so love your poppy shots. You should enter one in the rhs photographic competition too…


  2. Love the aconitum, I had ‘Newry Blue’ in my last garden but left before it got properly into its stride. If plants have strides. Surely even triffids didn’t have strides, as such… Good luck in the competition, and have a wonderful holiday.


    • Hi Janet, ents most certainly stride but then one might argue that they don’t actually exist. If one were being pedantic. Triffids sort of glided about didn’t they? I can’t seem to remember but then I don’t suppose it is terribly important either way. Thanks for your best wishes. D


  3. Have a lovely vacation, Dave! Enjoy frolicking and misbehaving to your heart’s content. I have already voted for the AG and wish you the best of luck in the contest. Or is this the kind of situation where we tell you to break a leg instead? (Or someone else’s leg?) Not up on these fine points of blogging protocol.


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