Aconitum Anxiety

I started growing aconitum after seeing it in a neighbour's border.  I was nosing over the garden wall (a favourite past-time) and asked Mary about her tall plant with the striking flowers.  She told me its common name, monkshood, and that she grew it as a substitute for delphiniums - which, after unrelenting slug slaughter, … Continue reading Aconitum Anxiety

Wordless Wednesday … With Some Words

Aconitum napellus has bloomed in the nick of time: the first Priory frost can only be a few days away. oooOOOooo I'm flying off to Spain for a few days paddling, frolicking and general misbehaviour.  But before I go, I'll just mention that the Royal Horticultural Society is holding a new blogging competition.  Four judges … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday … With Some Words