Wordless Wednesday: Miscanthus transmorrisonensis


miscanthus transmorrisonensis

… at play.

20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Miscanthus transmorrisonensis

    • It’s been a while since I watched a campfire, Stacy. Far too long actually – where’s me matches? You missed out clouds (obvs) and breaking waves and vast herds of wildebeest and huge flocks of birds and …. sorry, boring myself now. D

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    • It is a grand plant, Kate. I dug up large clumps of it from this planting in the spring to use elsewhere and I’m really pleased that now no-one would ever know (except I’ve just told them). D


        • By about January it is so shredded by the wind that I have to cut it right back – otherwise the car-park, where this sits, is smothered by bits and looks awful. Also the bed is against an arable field so cutting back gives me the opportunity to get right in there and join close-quarter combat with nettle, buttercup and couch grass. It does run a little but not overly so, I find. Each plant has certainly got far bigger over the last four years or so – enough for me to nick about half of each. But in other borders, I can’t say (yet) that it is invasive. We’ll see, eh? I’m on wet clay but this particular bed is free draining. Dave


  1. Love the sound the miscanthus make in the wind. They are also so beautiful when they catch the sun or covered with drops of rain as ours were yesterday. What a classy looking blog, Dave.


    • Hi Janet, it is a smashing plant and like how the flowers slowly mature before finally producing those lovely feathery heads. And you’re right about the noise – which was why I initially paused to admire them (& then fetch my camera). I wonder whether you can add a sound recording to a gif? If so, it is beyond my ken. Dave


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