Almost Wordless Wednesday: House Martins

I’d forgotten about some house martin photos I took in July at the Barrowburn Tea Room in Harbottle, Northumberland.  This seems as good a time to use them as any – before summer slips away completely along with the swifts, swallows and martins.

House Martin Nest (1)

House Martin Nest (2)

House Martin Nest (3)

House Martin Nest (4)

House Martin Nest (7)

House Martin Nest (10)

House Martin Nest (11)

House Martin Nest (12)

House Martin Nest (5)

I’ve seen plenty of martins here in Sussex recently on their way back to Africa for the winter.  Perhaps even these Northumbrians have passed overhead too?

18 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday: House Martins

    • Probably less impressed by my cake eating skills, Janet. Tremendous carrot cake btw – make a note for when next you’re in Northumberland (if a bit of an odd little establishment). D


  1. Great Photos David.
    One of the gardens I work in use to have them nesting on the house. Then they had the outside of the house painted in the spring and sadly the House Martins have not returned since.


    • That’s a shame, Brian. I remember reading that where house martins have built nests against wooden soffits they stop using the site if the soffits are replaced with plastic. Perhaps yours will return when the paint has aged? We have plenty of eaves at the Priory (and plenty of mud too!) but sadly no house martins. Dave


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