Garden Media Guild Awards 2015

Here’s a quick, belated thank you to the Garden Media Guild for giving The Anxious Gardener their Blog of the Year award.  I was astonished to learn that I had won – if a little embarrassed that my last post admitted to a gardening enthusiasm gone AWOL.  Oops.


(Insert random gardening type photo here – Ed)

But I am very honoured to win.  It has given me a boost when I needed it most and I’m only sad that I couldn’t bring forward my regular bath, dress up all sparkly and attend the ceremony at the Savoy.  I’m sure all bloggers go through peaks and troughs but, recently, I seem to be looking up at the next climb far more than enjoying the view from the top.  I am still rather surprised at the result and half expecting an apologetic email from the GMG announcing the proper result.  But before that arrives, I’ll offer my BIG congratulations to all the winners and finalists and especially to the finalists in the best blog category:

Caro Shrives –


Andrew O’Brien –

I was particularly pleased that we three are all non-professional writers with no financial or organisational support.  If you are the same – squeezing your writing in and around the hurly-burly of work and family life – I urge you to enter the GMG Awards next year.

Heck, if I can win it …

35 thoughts on “Garden Media Guild Awards 2015

  1. Congratulations. Your uncle Peter told us (members of a forum he is a member of) about your blog earlier in the year.

    I hope you manage to get a kingfisher photo soon.


  2. Congratulations Dave! It’s the first time I’ve seen the finalists list go up and agreed that everyone deserves to be on there. As you say, a it was a list of real bloggers, who do it because they have a passion for what they write about and despite the demands of having a day job.

    I see plenty of people have lost their mojo recently (including me); it must be the weather, or something in the water, or just something. I hope this news has given you a much needed boost 🙂

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    • Thank you, Michelle. It is tough to work and write a blog whilst batting away all the things that ‘life’ throws at you. I’m often amazed by the frequency of some posts on other blogs and wish I could post more frequently. But that ain’t happening! Winning has given me a boost certainly but, as I’ve seen with several other bloggers recently, I’ll have to see how to move on and develop the blog from here. It’s been almost five years, begad, and coming up with new stuff is increasingly difficult. Those troughs can be dashed deep! Dave


      • Hi Dave, many congratulations on your award, it’s brilliant news. Like you, I found it a bit surreal to discover that I was a finalist, especially given the rocky week I was having, but life goes on, the garden needs tending and I’ve got a nice badge for the blog. Now all I need is more time for actually writing a few posts … Hope to be reading more of your posts once you’ve scaled the trench walls. Caro x


        • Thanks Caro. Good luck with finding more time … and if you have any to spare please send it over. It is a bit surreal, isn’t it? But in a nice way and it sounds like it came at a good time for you too. Onwards and upwards! D


  3. I was delighted to hear that you had won. And BTW, writing about the times when gardening mojo has gone missing is just as important as thrilling us with your progress when your mojo is fully operational! Hope said mojo soon pops up again, with renewed energy.

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    • If my mojo pops up, Janet I shall hit it with a mallet. That might teach it to stop wandering off. Actually, despite a bad back, I had a great day today. Only mowing (yep grass still growing) but almost all done and I shall finish the rest tomorrow. It’s going to be sunny apparently so I might even take some photos too – it’s been a while! Dave


  4. I can relate to the ebb and flow of enthusiasm. At some point I’m feeling like; screw it all, and then unexpectedly it comes back again.
    I enjoy your blog posts . They are witty, informative, and filled with pictures.
    Oh yeah, and based on a garden in England. What’s not to love.
    Thanks, Warren

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    • Ebb and flow, peak and trough. I’ve had a ‘final’ goodbye post drafted for about three years now but every time I itch to publish it, I regain my enthusiasm. Comments like your always help. Dave


  5. Well done David. I have to admit I’ve lost my gardening enthusiasm lately too – combination of being very busy with home renovations and too many days of 33+ degrees. All the best and enjoy the award.

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    • Thanks Chris. I was getting into the swing of gardening again, honest, I was … right up until the moment I hurt my back. Now I’m off work, feeling glum and bored. I want to do some gardeing now please. D


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