An Interview With Green Gardens

I’ve been interviewed by the Green Gardens website about self-employed gardening and my work.  The interview has just been published and you can read it here.

And, if you missed my recent post on Facebook, I was also recently interviewed by Conde Nast for a feature in the South African edition of ‘House and Gardens’.  The article isn’t online yet, but below is a screen-grab of my bit.  I’ll add a link in due course.  The three other interviewees were Non Morris, Mat Mattus and Debbie Tenquist (screen-shots of the whole feature are on the AG Facebook timeline).









8 thoughts on “An Interview With Green Gardens

  1. Inspiring! I’ve blogged forever, literally like my own private diary and I don’t even need a key because no one reads my bloggage. I also post frantically on Facebook on a subject I detest but feel morally obligated to scream about. I’m just figuring out that maybe I should get organized and put all my lives together in some less wasteful more orderly and maybe helpful way. Thanks for sharing these articles that round out your story for me! Life is so complicated. Maybe I’m supposed to just stop trying to talk sense into the world and just share the joy of it as you do!

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    • Oh Blimey, I shouldn’t bother trying to talk sense – I never have. But seriously, I think all one can do is write about one’s own experience of life and loves and hope that people are interested enough to read it. There are all sorts of tricks and tips for getting a bigger readership (wordpress cover it well in this free ebook – but the bottom line is to write as you see fit and enjoy the experience. I shall certainly stop blogging when I no longer enjoy it or my readership evaporates. Hope you work out how to continue blogging and that you have fun doing so. Best, Dave

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