The Romantic Road: Cycling Across Bavaria

Can you believe it's been over six years since Jim and I cycled along the Rhine from Mainz to Cologne? Why, we were practically children. Just one of countless castles on the Rhine, summer 2016 On that occasion it was the sheer number and variety of castles that stick in my mind. And on the … Continue reading The Romantic Road: Cycling Across Bavaria

A Postcard from The Lake District

Once Upon a Time - in early May of last year - I spent a week in The Lake District with Jim and his parents. I started writing a post about our trip several months ago but grew increasingly distracted as Covid settled amongst us and my world shifted. Like you, I'm still pretty distracted … Continue reading A Postcard from The Lake District

A Postcard From Marseille

We had to get away. There was only so long we could bear living in our squalid new house. However excited we were at finally moving to Gloucestershire and living on the canal, our new home was undeniably squalid. Moving-in day last August was all sorts of emotional. We unlocked the front door to our … Continue reading A Postcard From Marseille

Walking Across England

I've recently returned from a fifteen-day walk across Northern England. I started at Ulverston, Cumbria and finished at Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland.  My route comprised the Cumbria Way, the central (and best) bit of the Hadrian's Wall Path and the St Oswald's Way. Here's a photo-blog of what I saw. oooOOOooo As you may know, one of … Continue reading Walking Across England

If It’s March …

... then it must be time for a walk; a good long walk.  Early each year I hang up my secateurs, lock the greenhouse, pack a rucksack and go walking.  And this year I'm going on my longest walk ever.  Like last year, I'm walking right across England - only this time my route is … Continue reading If It’s March …

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast … In Winter

Only it wasn't winter.  It was March, almost Easter, and a time, I'd supposed, for primrose lined paths, sparkling sunshine and hosts of daffodils. But in Northern England this year, March was decidedly still winter. Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk is an almost 200-mile path from St Bees on the Cumbrian coast to Robin Hood's … Continue reading Wainwright’s Coast to Coast … In Winter

Time For A Walk

Each year, during late winter or early spring, I go for a walk.  A lengthy, solo walk. I decide which long distance footpath I want to do, work out the miles I'm going to walk each day, pre-book all my accommodation and buy my train tickets. This year, I'm walking Wainwright's Coast to Coast; a … Continue reading Time For A Walk