If It’s March …

… then it must be time for a walk; a good long walk.  Early each year I hang up my secateurs, lock the greenhouse, pack a rucksack and go walking.  And this year I’m going on my longest walk ever.  Like last year, I’m walking right across England – only this time my route is a little less direct; a little more crooked.

I’ve drawn you a rough map of my route.  Here it is:


I’ll start with a fish and chip supper in Ulverston on Morecambe Bay, and then walk north on the Cumbria Way for 70 odd miles to where it ends at Carlisle.  From the Border City, I’ll travel eastwards along Hadrian’s Wall for three days before turning northwards once more on the St Oswald’s Way.  It’ll take me three days to reach the Northumbrian coast, which I’ll follow for a further four days (passing Bamburgh and Lindisfarne) to finish near the Scottish border at Berwick-upon-Tweed.


Bridge, Rosthwaite on the Cumbria Way – Feb 2010

The total distance is about 220 miles and I’ve allowed myself 15 days to complete the walk.  Last year, I walked into the worst March weather for decades (see ‘Wainwright’s Coast to Coast … in Winter’).  This year the forecast is pretty good but who can tell what it’ll be like?

I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

42 thoughts on “If It’s March …

  1. Wow, not exactly a stroll! What an interesting route, hope the snow stays away and you get lots of dry sunny days, plus of course the occasional dark and moody day just to add extra interest to the photos! Have a great, blister-free, blessed by great beer and weather time.


  2. I hope the good weather goes with you, with sun on your back and a gentle breeze on your face. You had dreadful weather last year, you are due a bit of sunshine! Will look forward to the photos of all the wonderful scenery you will be walking through.


    • Hi Pauline, thank you. I’m hoping for some good photos (and not having my camera soaked for a change)! All I can ever wish for is sun on my back and a gentle breeze on my face. D


  3. I am so jealous – a really long walk is on my wish list. Hoping for good weather for you – we must be due some. And looking forward to seeing photos afterwards.


  4. When are you off? Doing 220 miles surely you should try raising some money for charity – perhaps the Sasha turns 40 party fund!! I have you and Jim down as a yes on the 26th April, make sure you return in one piece! Love Sasha


  5. It sounds as though you’ll enjoy yourself whatever the weather, but it would be lovely to walk at least some of the way with some blue skies! Hope it stays dry for you, that’s a lot of mileage to cover and some spectacular scenery along the way. Hopefully you’ll write about it during, or after! Bon voyage!


    • Hi Caro, the forecast is unbelievable. The last couple of years I’ve faced serious wintry weather but it seems I’m promised some sun – at least for most of next week. I’d planned to climb a mountain or two in the Lakes – but only if the weather allowed. It seems it might allow! I’ll write a post when I get back. D


    • Hi, well I like to take a break from blogging and do some serious eating on my trips (as well as walking). But I’ll certainly post about my walk when I get back. Thanks for commenting. Dave


  6. Have a great time, Dave! I’ll try to waft a little drought in your direction. (Please don’t plan on it working.) Hope you have all your favorite adventures — and plenty of good beer to settle them at the end of the day. S


  7. Good luck David – it sounds like a wonderful walk – I admire your stamina – hope it all goes well, it certainly can’t be any worse than last year’s conditions.


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