And So That Was March

The longer, brighter days of March brought new life to the Priory.  A kingfisher is an occasional visitor, as are mandarin ducks; and tree-creepers are a new notch in my bird-watching stick.   But all three are ultra shy and impossible to photograph.  Yet. With the grass growing, canada geese returned. They don't stay long; just … Continue reading And So That Was March

A Mild Sense Of Panic

After almost three weeks away from the Priory, the difference on my return is marked and, for late March, the garden far more advanced than usual.  (I shall do a post soon about my walk across England.  I have rather a lot of photos to sort through).  I feel a little overwhelmed with how much … Continue reading A Mild Sense Of Panic

A February Springtime

There has been little sign of life at the Priory recently; other than me that is (a surly and dishevelled figure, crouched beneath a dripping conifer and shaking a fist at the rain-laden clouds). And then the most extraordinary thing happened.  The 'February Gold' daffs I planted in 2008 flowered.  IN FEBRUARY! In the past … Continue reading A February Springtime

Under Way

I'm rather behind with blogging and as it's been a while since I posted any photos of the Priory, here's a quick, excitable splurge; a brisk whizz about the gardens, showing some photos from the past few weeks. This steep bank below the greenhouses is one of my favourite spots at the Priory. It is … Continue reading Under Way

Beauty … and Disappointment

On my way to the Priory, I sometimes drive through the handsome downland village of Glynde.  And at this time of year, I often stop to admire a walled enclosure by the church. The long-established planting of daffodils en masse ... ... is terrific and something I am trying to emulate at work. I've still … Continue reading Beauty … and Disappointment

The Flower Meadow …

... isn't something that the owner of the house asked for.  Rather it was something that I foisted upon him.  I couldn't not.  As soon as I saw that flat expanse of mown grass between the ditch and the river, I thought ahh, I wonder.  It seemed perfect for leaving to grow into a meadow.  … Continue reading The Flower Meadow …

Blooming Priory

I'm trying to catch up after all my time off.  Serves me right, of course, for going away at such a busy time of year.  The grass is growing like billyo and needs weekly cutting now.   In the greenhouse, seeds are germinating within a couple of days of being sown and  much is ready for … Continue reading Blooming Priory