Birdsong And What To Do About It

In a previous post, I mentioned how the midday hoot of a tawny owl - and my thwarted attempts to see him - had driven me nuts.  But that was nothing ... nothing ... compared to the song of a certain bird which has sent me doolally.  This unidentified bird sings a simple refrain, over and … Continue reading Birdsong And What To Do About It

Almost Wordless Wednesday: That Darn Owl

I don't see him very often but when I do, the Priory tawny owl brightens up my day. He'd be so much easier to photograph if he roosted in a less twiggy tree. But he likes his lofty, camouflaged perch and my focusing challenge just puts a twinkle in his eye.

A Frosty Pause

After my last doleful post, winter got her act together. For a couple of days last week the rain stopped, the skies cleared, temperatures plummeted, mud froze, and, at long last, it was shiveringly cold. Not on a Siberian or Alaskan scale but at -5°C, Sussex was cold. My first chore on arriving at work … Continue reading A Frosty Pause

And So That Was March

The longer, brighter days of March brought new life to the Priory.  A kingfisher is an occasional visitor, as are mandarin ducks; and tree-creepers are a new notch in my bird-watching stick.   But all three are ultra shy and impossible to photograph.  Yet. With the grass growing, canada geese returned. They don't stay long; just … Continue reading And So That Was March

The Tawny Owl

I joined the Priory in the summer of 2008 and since then, I have regularly heard the call of a male tawny owl.  From late morning until I go home, the magical hoo-hoo of that owl has both delighted me and driven me nuts.  I've stopped work, I've run for my camera and I've stalked … Continue reading The Tawny Owl