Grass Cutting – Again

(I've written about cutting the two meadows before but as it is such a big part of my working life at this time of year you might forgive me for revisiting the subject). Cutting the Priory meadow is a job that looms large from late-summer onwards.  Cut it too soon and I lose late flowers … Continue reading Grass Cutting – Again

Cutting Back

Though it doesn't officially start until tomorrow, autumn has crept up on me these past couple of weeks. Low sun and pale mist greet me when I arrive - soon the mist down here in the valley will be heavier: cold, dense and wet. Dock seed-heads (of which there are far too many) sparkle with … Continue reading Cutting Back

Cutting the Flower Meadow

Have you noticed how ubiquitous 'Wild Flower Meadows' have become?  Whether it is a small garden bed, raked over and sown with a wild flower seed mix, or an acre or more of unimproved grassland, summer meadows shimmering with native flowers and buzzing with insects are now widespread; de rigueur even.  And quite right too.  … Continue reading Cutting the Flower Meadow

Shaving the Meadow

Last Thursday was one of the BIG JOB days at the Priory.  Like the beech and mixed-hedge cutting days (and the eat as many plums as you possibly can before feeling a little bit very sick day), mowing the meadow usually takes at least a whole day and must be planned in advance.  It is … Continue reading Shaving the Meadow