not often, the beauty of something just takes your breath away.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes,

  1. Well, I've barely touched our new garden since we moved here in September. The house needs a lot of work so the garden has pretty much taken a back seat. But with the ground warming up suddenly everything seems so damn urgent. Somehow we've got to order and plant a 160' beech hedge, build decking and the other things I mentioned. And get a veg garden up and running.

    Absolutely no woodwork experience. First thing I ever built (that I was pleased with) was Geoff Hamilton's rose arch from his “The Cottage Garden.” Immensely satisfying that it supported roses, didn't fall down and actually looked like it had been made by someone who knew what they were doing. Most odd.

    The chickens arrived Saturday afternoon and are in a very secure hutch and run type thing (£65 on ebay). We were having coffee a couple of hours later and looked out at them only to see a big dog fox gazing at them from about 15 foot away. Rubbing his tummy. And wearing a napkin. Cheeky beggar. He must have scented them and come over to introduce himself. “Ahh, Ladies. Welcome to the neighbourhood. Woof, woof.”

    Ooops. This is an essay now. Got to go. I'll carry on (no I insist. No, really I INSIST) over at your blog in a day or two.


  2. Sounds like you've got a lot on; how do you find time to do your own garden and others?! And do you have a background in woodwork as far as building things go or is that a skill you've developed?

    Saw your reply about not being a professional and I must say I'm envious. I'd like to have the courage to take the plunge and be a self employed gardener but at the moment it seems like too big a step and too uncertain. My wife is in the process of developing her own business as a florist/cut flower business so it wouldn't be the best time to both try and go it alone!

    We used to have chickens (one died naturally and three were taken by foxes). The fresh eggs were great but they really scratch up a garden and do quite a bit of damage, especially to yong plants, so best to keep them restricted to an area if you can.

    OK, i'll stop now, this is less of a “comment” and more an essay!! Hope you're enjoying the sun today!


  3. Rubbish day wasn't it? I've recently moved into a new house and this weekend was very much going to be the gardening weekend. Got raised veg beds and compost bins to build and quite a lot of planting to do. As it is, I managed to plant some apple trees on Saturday and welcome 3 chickens into the household. And that was about it.



  4. Lovely shot. Speaks for itself really. Also liked the crocus on your last post; have a few coming up too, wonderful splashes of colour.

    There was some lovely afternoon sunshine yesterday but today it is, yet again, raining and much of the garden is claggy and squelchy underfoot.


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