Pollarding And The Zest For Life

Flowers are returning to the Priory ... after selfishly leaving me all alone for long dank months.   Still, no hard feelings. There are cautious whispers and murmurings as my fair-weather friends slowly heave themselves out of bed. Beneath large oak and ash on the meadow, small pockets of snowdrops have returned.  I did wonder whether … Continue reading Pollarding And The Zest For Life

March Of Snowdrops

A few years ago, a friend gave me a barely liftable, large trug of snowdrops.  I was very, very grateful and happily began adding them to the Priory's meagre showing.  Eventually running out of time, I temporarily stuffed the last few into a small bed beneath a standard Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'. And there they … Continue reading March Of Snowdrops

A February Springtime

There has been little sign of life at the Priory recently; other than me that is (a surly and dishevelled figure, crouched beneath a dripping conifer and shaking a fist at the rain-laden clouds). And then the most extraordinary thing happened.  The 'February Gold' daffs I planted in 2008 flowered.  IN FEBRUARY! In the past … Continue reading A February Springtime


not often, the beauty of something just takes your breath away.