‘Ware the Toad

A few weeks ago, I was walking down a woodland path when I came across a toad.  Some people aren’t too fond of  toads,  but I most certainly am.  Something reassuringly good and honest about a toad; despite their rough and ready wartyness.

This one was just enjoying the sun and the view and making it clear that whilst he was perfectly happy to meet me, he’d rather just be left alone.  Thank you very much indeed.

So, I snapped a shot or two and walked on, leaving him be.  Soon I met another toad, and then another and then another.  And before long, I’d met three dozen or more in an extravaganza of toadyness.  Marvellous.  Though it made walking a slow and tortuous process.  The thought of stepping on a toad………

Some were more upright and in your face than others.

But most were engaged in downright inappropriate and lewd behaviour.  But then that’s springtime for you.

Betty:  “I saw that Dolores at number 32 yesterday.  She’s got a new fella.  Half her age, he is.  And neither of them look like they’ve seen a bar of soap this side of Christmas.   Dirty mare.”

Harold:  “Ungfffff.”

Betty:  “And her with her roots showing and fagbutt stuck to her lower lip.  What the attraction for him is, Lord only knows.  Her Barm Cakes probably.”

Harold:  “Ungfffff.”

Betty:  “Anyway ‘Arold love.  I can’t lie ’round here with the likes of you all day long.  Hurry up now and  I’ll make us a nice cup of tea.  I’ve got me pilates at 4.”

Harold:   “Ungfffff.”

6 thoughts on “‘Ware the Toad

  1. Hi Alison

    Well, you'll be pleased to hear that all these toads are Yorkshire toads. Taken on my second day's walk, down through a beautiful wood, on the Tabular Hill's Walk.

    Henry should deter other herons, which eat frogs so you should have more frogs not less. Odd.

    Did you see my follow up comment on Away Awhile?



  2. Those are fab pics – have not seen toads here in Yorks at all – we did have frogs the first year I built the pond and then the second year for my birthday I got a beautiful bronze heron garden sculture – since then no frogs at all. Seems Henry (the heron) has scared them all away!


  3. Hi Stacy, hardly any zooming required as they seemed totally unabashed at being paparazzi-ed. A little cropping used to give the four shot sequence. Glad you like them.

    Hi Jen, they're great aren't they? You're welcome.

    Hi Hillwards, it is. There were so many of them and I wasn't joking about being careful where to tread.



  4. Great photos! I love toads. I live in the desert now (Los Angeles) so I don't see them much anymore. Where I grew up, in the midwestern U.S., there would be tons of tiny toads in the spring. You had to be careful not to step on them. I miss seeing them. Thanks for sharing your toads.


  5. It's amazing how having so little personality gives toads so much personality. I'm always happy when my recurring toad shows up every spring, but maybe an “extravaganza of toadyness” like yours is more of a rural thing to enjoy–I certainly wouldn't want to meet the one in the 2nd photo in a dark alley. (Did the in flagrante delicto pair actually let you get this close, or are you zooming/cropping in?) (Either way, they're great photos.) (But looking at that pair actually makes me feel incredibly sleepy for some reason.)


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