Blog Logo: 2nd Attempt

Regular readers will remember that I was toying with the idea of a blog logo.  My first attempt looked like it might be more appropriate on a butcher’s blog rather than a gardener’s, so I thought I’d have another crack at it.  Here it is:
Nah.  Still too apocalyptic.  The crow looks like he’s ready to swoop down and pick the last scraps of flesh from your sun bleached bones.  Anyway, it still has something about the Viking about it.  That’ll be the Viking Raven, I guess.
Actually, looking at it, it’s also got a whiff of the Aztec eagle on cactus, don’t you think?
Precious little to do with gardening on either count.  I ought really to include a flower or two in any potential logo.  Or a carrot.

6 thoughts on “Blog Logo: 2nd Attempt

  1. I’m finding it hard to read tiny grey writing on black background but . . . whatever you chose don’t chose something sentimental. I’m not sure how you’d use it or how much – but I like it a lot as a picture. Elephant’s eye might have a point about trying sepia. There are a lot of flower pictures so it’s hard to find one which wouldn’t be muddled with the rest; not so many carrots or crows. A spade? A lawnmower? A scythe? A garden hat? I like the crow. I like silhouettes. I don’t like tiny grey on black.


    • Hi Esther, oooh. I need to do a post to say that all at my blog is up in the air! It’s only finally transferred in the last half hour or so. I’ve got loads of work to do now to get it how I want it. But don’t worry, my eyes won’t cope with small grey on grey either!



  2. Thanks for the link Stacy. Shall read on my phone during tomorrows lunch break. Glad it was cheerful!

    Sunshine and colour, Jason? Ooooh no. Far too happy and light. I want sombre, dark and menacing. With flowers.

    Sepia might work EE. Might have a play around with sepia. And it's a pine. (Not ignorant at all).


  3. Maybe sepia, rather than black and white. It doesn't have to be colour, but the catchlight in the bird's eye would make all the difference. Or a digital linocut effect?

    Excuse my pig ignorance, are we looking at a pine tree or a daisy bush?


  4. Hmm. This one is actually an improvement of sorts…but I don't know—it makes me want to go brush up on my Edgar Allan Poe. (In fact, I just have–thank you for providing such cheerful inspiration on this lovely May day.)


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