Priory Picture Post #19

Now that the ponds are once more filled to the brim and the south wind has swept them clear of duckweed, I can enjoy their clarity and their visual depth.

I know I’ve posted some photos of them recently but I do find them captivating.

Hope you do too.

Weekend Reflections.

25 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post #19

  1. Hi Jason, can't think why you would be driving to Hartfield (wink) – the forest is gorgeous. Since starting the blog I always try and have my camera with me. Just in case.


  2. Fab pics as always and who could tire scenes like those. Drove over to hartfield early Saturday morning and wish I had the camera as the countryside was coated in a thick frost and it look amazing. Will remember next time!


  3. Thanks Donna. This post was originally only going to be the last photo but I thought a one shot post a little mean!


  4. Thanks everyone – glad you liked them.

    Mr K, already been in there … in my trunks. Honest.

    Luton Boys, there are fish in the ponds including an ancient and enormous carp which I see very occasionally.



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