Still Here, Still Gardening

Or at least, I've been gardening as much as I possibly can. It is still very, very wet here in Sussex - I can't do as much as I'd like to do.  Or need to do. When it has been dry enough, I've cut back various beds and mulched with my rather lovely, two-year old … Continue reading Still Here, Still Gardening


On the west pond is an island.  It is perhaps ten paces across, with a weeping willow and several alders.  For most of the year, I leave it be; ... a refuge for moorhen, mallard and, very rarely, kingfisher. But, back in July, I pulled on my (leaky-cold-trickle-down-the-back-of-left-leg) waders and ventured out with the strimmer. … Continue reading Islands

Priory Picture Post # 22

The Priory boat (HMS Despondent) quietly mouldering on the East Pond.

Rain Stops Play

The tulips started off valiantly enough; poor, naive, unsuspecting innocents.  They couldn't have imagined their cruel, bitter fate.  (How could they?  They're tulips). In a rare sunny moment, I took a photo or two but not many; after all there were bound to be more ... ... balmy, sunny days on which to capture them … Continue reading Rain Stops Play

Where’s Spring?

Early April was so hot and so sunny that I screened the south-side of the greenhouse with netting. The nine automatic wall and roof vents cool it a little but it still gets terrifically hot in there.  Of course, as soon as I finished stapling the netting into place, the sun slid behind ... ... … Continue reading Where’s Spring?

Priory Picture Post #19

Now that the ponds are once more filled to the brim and the south wind has swept them clear of duckweed, I can enjoy their clarity and their visual depth. I know I've posted some photos of them recently but I do find them captivating. Hope you do too. Weekend Reflections.

A Watery World

A few short weeks ago, I was bemoaning the lack of rain at the Priory and how very low the water levels were.  (See "My Pond Leaks ...").   But not any more. Over the past couple of weeks, we've had some seriously heavy downpours here in East Sussex.  The west pond (with it's leak) … Continue reading A Watery World