Still Here, Still Gardening

Or at least, I've been gardening as much as I possibly can. It is still very, very wet here in Sussex - I can't do as much as I'd like to do.  Or need to do. When it has been dry enough, I've cut back various beds and mulched with my rather lovely, two-year old … Continue reading Still Here, Still Gardening


On the west pond is an island.  It is perhaps ten paces across, with a weeping willow and several alders.  For most of the year, I leave it be; ... a refuge for moorhen, mallard and, very rarely, kingfisher. But, back in July, I pulled on my (leaky-cold-trickle-down-the-back-of-left-leg) waders and ventured out with the strimmer. … Continue reading Islands

Priory Picture Post # 22

The Priory boat (HMS Despondent) quietly mouldering on the East Pond.

Rain Stops Play

The tulips started off valiantly enough; poor, naive, unsuspecting innocents.  They couldn't have imagined their cruel, bitter fate.  (How could they?  They're tulips). In a rare sunny moment, I took a photo or two but not many; after all there were bound to be more ... ... balmy, sunny days on which to capture them … Continue reading Rain Stops Play

Where’s Spring?

Early April was so hot and so sunny that I screened the south-side of the greenhouse with netting. The nine automatic wall and roof vents cool it a little but it still gets terrifically hot in there.  Of course, as soon as I finished stapling the netting into place, the sun slid behind ... ... … Continue reading Where’s Spring?