Out To Pasture

It's that time of year again.  I've shown the annual turning out of cows to pasture before (See 'A Stampede of Cows') but as it is such a big event in my calendar (party invites having  dried up somewhat), I'll share it with you once more. Margaret warns me when the release is imminent and … Continue reading Out To Pasture

The South Downs Way: Winchester to Eastbourne

Of all England's long-distance footpaths, I know the South Downs Way best.  For twenty years I've lived almost within sight of it; walked many stretches countless times and all of it at least twice.  But I had never completed the entire 100 mile trek from Winchester to Eastbourne in one continuous, sweaty effort.  Until now. On … Continue reading The South Downs Way: Winchester to Eastbourne


I wanted to go but would I get it?  The woman in Rye got it but her son did not. "He's arty, like me, so I wanted to take him because I knew he'd love it.  I knew he'd get it."  She grimaced. "But he didn't; he hated it.  Called it God-awful forsaken.  He said … Continue reading Dungeness

Margaret’s Farm …

... sits on the skyline above the Priory.  I visit once a week to stock up on eggs, catch up with local gossip, spread local gossip, help out if needed and wander round the farmyard. After several months, her cows are still over-wintering in the sheds. They'll be turned out in a few weeks when … Continue reading Margaret’s Farm …

Pollarding And The Zest For Life

Flowers are returning to the Priory ... after selfishly leaving me all alone for long dank months.   Still, no hard feelings. There are cautious whispers and murmurings as my fair-weather friends slowly heave themselves out of bed. Beneath large oak and ash on the meadow, small pockets of snowdrops have returned.  I did wonder whether … Continue reading Pollarding And The Zest For Life

Blight, Rain and Flood

This is a rubbish winter. No snow, no ice, barely a frost, just rain.  Lots and lots and lots of rain. Day after day of tedious, repetitive, flooding rain.  I'm not prone to depression but weeks of non-stop rain is twisting my arm.  "Rain, rain go away, come again another day" is too polite by … Continue reading Blight, Rain and Flood

A Walk From Seaford To Berwick Station

With my gardening enthusiasm washed away by heavy rain, here's a post about something else. On a sunny Saturday in September, I walked into Seaford to meet my friend Tracy for a day's walk.   Whereas I prefer walking alone, Tracy is sociable.  Not only has she recently joined The Ramblers but she now leads their … Continue reading A Walk From Seaford To Berwick Station