A High Wind In Sussex

It is with trepidation that I drive to the Priory after or even, like this morning, during a gale.  Storm Katie caused havoc across Southern England and the thought of a large oak or ash lying on its side gave me an anxious twitch as I drove to work.  Carefully dodging branches and a few … Continue reading A High Wind In Sussex

Transplanting Oak Trees: An Update

The Priory oaks are impressive.  Huge, ancient, gnarled, neck-craning impressive.  They were the first thing I noticed and the last I shall say good-bye to. We have about twenty mature oaks; most hale, a few less so.  With an eye on the latter, and because the Priory should never be oak-less, I planted some replacements. … Continue reading Transplanting Oak Trees: An Update

And So That Was March

The longer, brighter days of March brought new life to the Priory.  A kingfisher is an occasional visitor, as are mandarin ducks; and tree-creepers are a new notch in my bird-watching stick.   But all three are ultra shy and impossible to photograph.  Yet. With the grass growing, canada geese returned. They don't stay long; just … Continue reading And So That Was March

September Days

After a hot, dry September the garden is tired. The meadow is spent; spring and summer wild flowers are over and have set seed.  It will be mowed next week. But there is still some colour at the Priory - although any remaining flowers in the kidney beds have had scant help from me recently.  … Continue reading September Days

Win a Copy Of ‘The Splendour Of The Tree’

Here is the second of this month's book giveaways. And what a smashing book it is too.  I would have nabbed a copy for review if I had the time to write one and my gardening book-shelves weren't already overspilling.  'The Splendour of the Tree'  was published two days ago by Frances Lincoln at £25.00.  … Continue reading Win a Copy Of ‘The Splendour Of The Tree’

“I Hate You”

I could not believe my ears.  Had she really just said that?  I'd only known Margaret (the local farmer) for a few hours.  How could she possibly have formed such a robust opinion of me in such a short time? It was the summer of 2008.  I had applied for the post of gardener at … Continue reading “I Hate You”

Sun And Leaf

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I've been away on various short trips - Gloucestershire and Bristol, Spain and Berlin.  They have all been jolly and I've particularly enjoyed the buzz of large towns and cities - and dressing accordingly.  So a return to solitary gardening; to shabby clothes, muddy knees and damp … Continue reading Sun And Leaf