A February Springtime

There has been little sign of life at the Priory recently; other than me that is (a surly and dishevelled figure, crouched beneath a dripping conifer and shaking a fist at the rain-laden clouds). And then the most extraordinary thing happened.  The 'February Gold' daffs I planted in 2008 flowered.  IN FEBRUARY! In the past … Continue reading A February Springtime

Not Quite Thirteen Ways Of Looking At Crocuses

One day I will leave the Priory for ever.  My fingers will be prised one-by-one from the greenhouse door frame and I will be dragged, yowling and shrieking, to a waiting white van.  And on that day, I would like to think that one of my legacies to the gardens, will be the sheer number … Continue reading Not Quite Thirteen Ways Of Looking At Crocuses

Freeloading Ne’er-do-wells

A third wave of crocuses (Pickwick) are now showing off. A stouter plumper crocus this, befitting it's name Gosh.  What's that?  On that tree?  Looks like a well made nestbox.  Rustic and yet chic. The flurry of comments on my recent auricula post was such that I feel obliged to post another picture of this … Continue reading Freeloading Ne’er-do-wells

The Second Wave

of crocuses (Snowbunting) coming in fast and low.   And amazingly the bench ended up looking OK (if a bit new).  It would have cost a lot of money in the shops.  The oak will silver in time.

Perks Must Be About It.

Blimey.  A spot of sunshine, a few crocuses showing off (like this one)   and suddenly it feels like the race is on and I'm still behind the bike shed having a smoke.   Must get on.  Or as Bernard Cribbens in 'The Railway Children' would have it, "Perks must be about it."  Seeds to … Continue reading Perks Must Be About It.

Misty Springy Warmy Sunshine

Beautiful but slightly eerie mist greeted my arrival at work this morning. I normally have a handful of chores to carry out on arrival but this morning the first thing I did was to grab my camera.  The reflections in the pond were screaming out for attention. Last year, after I had finished building the … Continue reading Misty Springy Warmy Sunshine