December …

has been either rain-sodden or bitterly cold down at the Priory. I much prefer the latter. The west pond has been frozen but Solo ... ... no longer ventures out onto it.  A couple of years ago (when this photo was taken) she ran across the ice (chasing a snowball), broke through and had to … Continue reading December …

The Tropical Border Revisited

Back in April, I told you about the new tropical or hot border I was developing (see 'Planning for the Tropical Border').  And I promised to let you know how it turned out; unless, of course, it was a humiliating disaster in which case I most certainly would not. Well, actually it hasn't been too … Continue reading The Tropical Border Revisited

A Priory Pause

I'm about to toss my blogging beret (with ostrich feather) to one side; take off my blogging smoking-jacket (burgundy with faux-ermine trim), lay down my blogging cigarette-holder (fake ivory with diamante inlay) and flick-out my blogging monocle. Yep.  Time for a break from the blogging treadmill.  At least for a while.  But before I go, … Continue reading A Priory Pause

Planning for the Tropical Border

In between mowing and planting and fretting, I've been cracking on with the tropical border and the two completely new beds (see - 'Busy, Busy, Busy').  I finally finished cutting the turf (on either side of the path) for the two new beds;  rock hard soil didn't make this task any easier and yep, I've … Continue reading Planning for the Tropical Border

Echium pininana

It was only when my Agave americana started whimpering and heaving itself out of it's pot, millimetre by millimetre, that I thought, "Hmm, really must repot that." After a prolonged struggle I managed to lever it out;  the state of the roots were, frankly, shaming. Sorry, sorry - so sorry.   I've now re-homed it … Continue reading Echium pininana