March Of Snowdrops

A few years ago, a friend gave me a barely liftable, large trug of snowdrops.  I was very, very grateful and happily began adding them to the Priory's meagre showing.  Eventually running out of time, I temporarily stuffed the last few into a small bed beneath a standard Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'. And there they … Continue reading March Of Snowdrops

An End To May

As I walk about the Priory gardens, I am watched. When deep in thought (it happens), I might suddenly look up and be quite startled.  These four made me jump - but then it doesn't take much. Margaret's cattle are part of the summer scene at the Priory; mooing loudly (and often very unnecessarily), drifting … Continue reading An End To May

A Mild Sense Of Panic

After almost three weeks away from the Priory, the difference on my return is marked and, for late March, the garden far more advanced than usual.  (I shall do a post soon about my walk across England.  I have rather a lot of photos to sort through).  I feel a little overwhelmed with how much … Continue reading A Mild Sense Of Panic

A February Springtime

There has been little sign of life at the Priory recently; other than me that is (a surly and dishevelled figure, crouched beneath a dripping conifer and shaking a fist at the rain-laden clouds). And then the most extraordinary thing happened.  The 'February Gold' daffs I planted in 2008 flowered.  IN FEBRUARY! In the past … Continue reading A February Springtime

Of Pots And Pans

I don't own the Priory.  I don't live there, drifting about in the evenings with a dry martini in one hand and a watering can in the other.  And with that pleasant existence denied to me, I've been cautious about having too many pots and containers dotted about the place. As I'm not always there … Continue reading Of Pots And Pans

I didn’t show you …

... the alliums in flower. After last year's disappointment (when they were mostly reduced to sludge by heavy rain) they were a fine sight. I originally planted one hundred A. aflatunense,  twenty A. rosenbachianum and ten A. globemaster.  They have increased dramatically in number and bulbs have mounded up to the surface.  I won't need … Continue reading I didn’t show you …

A Stampede Of Cows

As well as this gardener walking about in his shirt-sleeves and whistling, there are various other markers that spring has finally arrived: from the scent of wild garlic by the riverbank; to early purple orchids, Camassia quamash flowering on the meadow, the rock border overflowing with forget-me-nots and butterflies emerging - albeit a cabbage white. … Continue reading A Stampede Of Cows