An End To March

I'm taking a short break from 'The Anxious Gardener' but meanwhile, and after months of winter drear, it seems a shame not to share some images from the last days of March. Daffodils aren't around for long but The Priory's brief show is hearty.  I'm so used to their regular, faithful appearance that I don't … Continue reading An End To March

Wildflowers On The South Downs

I'm not terribly fond of petrol mowers at the best of times but when they break-down repeatedly, I think them insufferable.   If only they would listen to reason and I could patiently explain how simple their duties really are. At least a faulty mower induced forced-stop to mowing at The Old Forge gave me a … Continue reading Wildflowers On The South Downs

Pollarding And The Zest For Life

Flowers are returning to the Priory ... after selfishly leaving me all alone for long dank months.   Still, no hard feelings. There are cautious whispers and murmurings as my fair-weather friends slowly heave themselves out of bed. Beneath large oak and ash on the meadow, small pockets of snowdrops have returned.  I did wonder whether … Continue reading Pollarding And The Zest For Life

The Garden in Flower

My summer kicks off with the release of Margaret's cows from the sheds.  I was on holiday on the big day, and for the first time in several years, I missed all the pent-up excitement, the expectation, the arging and barging, the galloping, the frenetic leaping into the air and bellows resounding across the valley.  … Continue reading The Garden in Flower

Steady As She Goes

The garden is sailing through spring so quickly.  Though I've taken a few photos, I've not had the time to show you all of the Priory's April charms.  Here's a quick retro peek at a little of what has grabbed my attention and maybe elicited an "Ahhh." The snake's head fritillaries (Fritillaria meleagris) have been … Continue reading Steady As She Goes