Beauty And A Beast

The gardens are generally looking fine. Though frankly if they didn't during June, I might as well give up and get a proper job. But the Kidney Beds are in dire need of a major revamp.  They were cobbled together five years ago with a few sitting tenants, some plants from my garden, gifts from … Continue reading Beauty And A Beast

Of Pots And Pans

I don't own the Priory.  I don't live there, drifting about in the evenings with a dry martini in one hand and a watering can in the other.  And with that pleasant existence denied to me, I've been cautious about having too many pots and containers dotted about the place. As I'm not always there … Continue reading Of Pots And Pans

The Tropical Border – 2nd Year

With the first hint of autumn, the garden is looking decidedly tired in places but the tropical border at least is putting on a show.  It doesn't come into its own until quite late in the season and during this hot, dry Sussex summer it has needed almost daily watering. I added plenty of well-rotted … Continue reading The Tropical Border – 2nd Year

The Gardens In July

We cut the beech hedging last Monday - the hottest day in the UK for seven years. I normally cut it in early August but by then there will be a houseful of guests so I thought I'd get the job done now.  Wielding heavy petrol cutters and long-reach trimmers was slow, exhausting work in … Continue reading The Gardens In July

The Tropical Border Revisited

Back in April, I told you about the new tropical or hot border I was developing (see 'Planning for the Tropical Border').  And I promised to let you know how it turned out; unless, of course, it was a humiliating disaster in which case I most certainly would not. Well, actually it hasn't been too … Continue reading The Tropical Border Revisited

A Priory Pause

I'm about to toss my blogging beret (with ostrich feather) to one side; take off my blogging smoking-jacket (burgundy with faux-ermine trim), lay down my blogging cigarette-holder (fake ivory with diamante inlay) and flick-out my blogging monocle. Yep.  Time for a break from the blogging treadmill.  At least for a while.  But before I go, … Continue reading A Priory Pause

Wild Places, Wild Flowers – Summer

The most noticeable scent in the Priory gardens at the moment is not the roses; neither is it lilies; nor the strong wafts from summer flowering honeysuckle.   No - the pervasive nose-tease is this: Measdowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria).*  Because I'm leaving more and more of the garden margins unstrimmed, the number of wild flowers is increasing … Continue reading Wild Places, Wild Flowers – Summer