Priory Picture Post # 10


Marigold Harlequin

The only marigold that I grow.  Because she’s worth it.

6 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 10

  1. Now that is a glorious marigold-and I am not a lover of marigolds. At all. In fact, when a friend told me she was planting marigolds because they were supposed to deter aphids, I told her I’d pass on the flowers and continue to squish aphids. Because I dislike them both almost equally. 😉 I have to reconsider after seeing this stripy little number. Something about it reminds me of the uniforms of the Swiss Guards in Italy. A very nice marigold, indeed.


    • It is lovely I think, Susan. I’d forgotten that I’d used up the last of my Harlequin seed last year and didn’t re-order. Though I suspect with the terrible summer we’ve had, the slugs would have made short work of them this year. Dave


  2. It does that, Janet. Very Vermeer. Also puts me in mind of some opulent Tudor cloth.

    Strident orange defiance is a good thing. Your preference is noted.



  3. Hi Tatyana, it is a lovely marigold I think and unlike some strongly marked flowering plants almost all of them turn out looking like this one. (I've grown cosmos and ipomoea that rarely match up to the claims of the photo on the seed packet)!



  4. Thank you! Nice image! I love marigolds. I don't think I've seen this variety before. Its name is very appropriate. This summer, I bought three marigolds which are very tall. The seller told me they come from seeds obtained from Great Dixter.


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