Time For A Walk

Each year, during late winter or early spring, I go for a walk.  A lengthy, solo walk.


I decide which long distance footpath I want to do, work out the miles I’m going to walk each day, pre-book all my accommodation and buy my train tickets.

This year, I’m walking Wainwright’s Coast to Coast; a 200 mile tramp from St Bees on the Cumbrian coast to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea.

The path crosses three National Parks:


the Lake District,


the Yorkshire Dales


and the North York Moors.

I’ll be staying in thirteen different pubs or bed and breakfasts, walking for twelve days and covering, on average, sixteen miles a day.  I had hoped for warm spring sunshine, blue skies and daffodils

Lakeland Fells - February 2010

Lakeland Fells – February 2010

but in the last few days the Cumbrian fells have been smothered in snow. So I might be back a little sooner than planned.


At least, walking alone, I won’t suffer unprovoked ATTACKS from Jim.

See you in a while.  Dave

33 thoughts on “Time For A Walk

  1. I was once in love with an Englishman, and though that love waned the love he taught me for the Lake District probably never will… I’m very jealous of your walk; I love the Lakeland fells in winter (even when it ought to be spring).


    • I love the fells too, and especially out of season. It gets far too busy for my tastes from May through to August. And with snow on the mountains it doesn’t look any better but it does make walking with a forty pound rucksack a little more tricky! Dave


  2. Enjoy your walk. I shall look out for you. If a large black newfoundland, a rumbunctious jack russell and a deaf springer spaniel find you – follow them home and I’ll put on the kettle!


    • Looked out for you in vain. There were many, many times when the thought of a big mug of tea and perhaps a slice of flapjack were the carrot. That awful weather was certainly the stick. Dave


    • For a week or two once a year, solitary walking is a fine way of clearing my head, Bridget. Having said that, I did walk for about five days with another coast to coaster – which was a great comfort as we chivvied each other on into yet more snow and Siberian east winds. Dave


  3. Many years ago I did the Lyke wake walk, I think its just a little south of your route. Next week we are doing our next leg of following the Tyne from its source, we do all of five miles a day! It has taken us six years so far….


  4. Sounds fabulous – it does sound a bit knackering though. We went on hols to RHB a couple of years ago and there were lots of people in the pub who had done the same walk – they definitely looked foot-sore and weary. Hope you survive.


  5. Hey mate, I remember when you did this last year. Bloody marvellous. I love the last photo – I had to do a double-take, thinking some boogie-woogie had got into my computer, but no, it’s only you having a good time.


    • Hi Faisal, thanks – safe and sound and back home now. That last photo/gif is actually Jim snowballing me last November in the Lakes. As I say, completely unprovoked. Well, mostly. D


  6. Wow that sounds wonderful,you should have said earlier,my best friend Rachel lives in Cumbria,I’m sure they would have happily put you up,they love a good tipple too, so would know some good drinking holes ;-).
    I would have apply ‘looked after’ the garden whilst you were away;-))
    It will be very chilly,but simply gorgeous with breathtaking views..can’t wait to see some of your photos on your return…have a fabulous time David xx Chez xx


    • Thanks Chez. Already had someone to look after the Priory whilst I was away, I’m afraid. But yes, I did have a fabulous time – just need to find time to post about it now. Dave


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