Wordless Wednesday: Vole & Dunnock


They might have stood a little closer together.

14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Vole & Dunnock

  1. Great photo! You must have been quick whipping out your camera. We have lots of holes here but have never (in 2 1/2 years) seen a vole!


    • I was photographing birds when I saw the vole and then the dunnock appeared too. I have a plague of voles at the moment. They do quite a lot of damage – still, keeps the owls happy. D


  2. Brilliant moment! I love this photo. I captured something much less glamorous myself at the weekend – blackbird and squirrel. They didn’t seem very interested in each other, but both had their eye on a third indeterminable event happening a few metres away. Sadly slightly too fuzzy to post. Yours is lovely and crisp.


    • Hi James, fairly common garden bird here in the UK – it’s the main host for cuckoos, poor thing. Fairly drab plumage but a pretty little thing, I think. Latin name – Prunella modularis. D


  3. I’ve read that species that have nothing to do with each other (not hunter and hunted) aren’t aware of each other. I find this hard to believe, Did you notice if they were wary or inquisitive? The Dunnock looks as if it is looking at the vole to me.


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