Priory Picture Post # 5

Ladybird on Alchemilla mollis


8 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 5

  1. Thanks Janet. This is one of my favourite photos in the blog. I've actually seen loads of ladybirds this year but in unobvious places; on top of the tall beech hedging when cutting it and in the hay after mowing the meadow. They also cleared a really bad aphid infestation on a cardoon.



  2. Hi Barbara, thanks very much. I really like coming to your site as it helps improve (my very poor) German.

    And it's a lovely site too of course!!



  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm glad you did, so I found the way to your “place”. I've been strolling around, admiring your beautiful and stunnig photos. You tend an absolutely wonderful garden. I'll certainly come and visit again and I hope you don't mind if I link you on my blog.
    Best wishes!


  4. Hi Andrea, thanks. My second job? Ah, that would be telling…..

    Gee, Stacy. You make me blush. Thank you.



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