Flowering Stones

Over the past week, I’ve been keeping a beady eye on one of my lithops.

Very intently.  Because …

… it’s been gearing up to flower.

Each day I’ve willed it on,

urged it on,

cheered it on,

until, huzza!  It did the deed and threw itself open.

Welcome, my little lovelies, welcome.  It’s been worth the wait.  Sadly, it’s all for my benefit only as there’s no-one else in the greenhouse to appreciate them.  I thought therefore, I’d share them with you.

Meanwhile, all my other lithops (and there are quite a few) just sit there; nice and quiet but non-flowering. Great lazy dollops.

16 thoughts on “Flowering Stones

  1. Somehow I never thought you're a Lithops sort of person 🙂 Do you collect lots of other succulents too? The tap root system of lithops are huge aren't they, in proportion to what's visible above ground.


  2. I shall take “Popeye” as a compliment, Faisal. Though that would make you Bluto. Or Olive Oyl. Sorry…

    I hadn't realsied I was being that scary Alberto. Now I know – thanks.

    Glad you like them, Bertie and thanks for visiting.



  3. A flower? I think it was only lifting its finger… I don't blame it if you've been looking at it that way for more than a week…

    (never seen it flourished anyway, thanks for sharing.)



  4. Jane, sorry to have scared you. And it's my special friendly face too.

    Glad you like them Petra, I have since I was a kid.

    Ah, Faisal. No pulling the wool over your eyes, my friend. I'll be sending you a prize (some plastic plants from a cereal packet).

    Hi Janet, yes they're grown in the (screened) greenhouse on a south facing bench. Actually quite a few of the others are preparing to flower too, but this was the first by quite some way.

    Shawn, definitely camouflaged as in the wild they grow in gravelly, stony desert.

    Gee, Elaine you're far too kind but I prefer the word pretty!

    Hi Janet, I was in makeup for a couple of hours (the stubble is fake) – could've done with another couple of hours truth be told.

    Sara, they are strange. In the spring they split open to reveal new, smaller plants inside.

    I've told you before Stacy, that the job's yours should you want it. When they split in the spring there is usually twice the number of plants inside, which you can split and pot up. Hmmm, you're probably right about the staring. I thought I was being helpful …



  5. You really do need an assistant, if only to have someone to ooh and aah over the lithops with. (Maybe not a reason that would go over well with the management.) Gorgeous flowers, Dave. Are all of those little “pebbles” part of the same lithop(s)? Do they pup like other succulents? Just a thought: staring at them like that might be more of a hindrance than a help, but of course, you're the expert.


  6. Lovely series of almost time-lapse photography. Except the first one ;-). What strange beasties, with such gorgeous flowers – they're obviously thriving under your care.


  7. I've seen these growing in the Botanics in Edinburgh, Dave. I think they're just fantastic! You must be growing them in a dry warm greenhouse?The first photo is a bit eye catching!


  8. Woah there!!! Scared the b-jeepers outta me!!! I'm glad those stones were actual plants & someone hadn't 'switched' them…that 'stubble' would have been a full knee-length beard!! :o)


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