Follers Manor Opening Times 2015

Last summer I visited a stunning private garden called Follers Manor.  The gardens sit on a shoulder of the South Downs, to the south of Alfriston, East Sussex and above the pretty village of Litlington.   Here’s an account of my visit.  (I didn’t use all the photos from that day.  Here are a few more).


The owners, Geoff and Anne, have asked if I’d help advertise their three open days for summer 2015.


The first is on Saturday 27th June from 11am to 4pm – in aid of St Wilfred’s Hospice.


The other two days, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July, are under the National Gardens Scheme.   Opening times for these are 2.00 – 5.30pm.


And that’s it.  If you can’t go along on any of these – and apologies for the short notice – you’ll need to wait until 2016.  (Unless you arrange a group booking).


There is plenty of parking (in an adjacent field) and I’d recommend a visit to Alfriston – a beautiful Sussex village with tea shops, pubs …  and the National Trust’s first acquisition – The Clergy House.


In the village of Litlington (just visible above) is a small, independent plant nursery and adjacent tea gardens.  Both of which I’m fond of.


Though if you don’t make it to Litlington, Follers sell plants too.  If you’re in the area and able to visit Follers, please do leave a comment with your impressions of Ian Kitson’s design.  I’d like to hear what you think.

(For more information see the Shaw’s website).

16 thoughts on “Follers Manor Opening Times 2015

  1. I’d love to visit there. Unfortunately all our leave has been allotted for this year. We have family and friends spread out over quite an area so visits require more than just a brief day trip. Must try and get to that area again though. We loved it when we stayed near Rye. Would be nice to do more of West Sussex next time.


  2. You make a girl all the way in North Carolina, USA long to visit this beautiful garden and village. Hope you will write further about it with pictures for an English garden fix. This blog deserves wide recognition and accolades.


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